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Updates were made to this page 10/20/01

Dragonlady Presents
My First Web Page In Note Pad
and Applets

This started out as an HTML page and then I found Applets. So this, my main page will deal with HTML. My links will deliver you to some of the images I have enhanced with the use of applets. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

This way of creating a web page is not hard, html is fairly easy to learn. Once You try it you'll agree it's the only way to make A web page!

How are you going to do it? Where do you begin? What is HTML? Where do I go to find out? HELP!!
HTMLfreefrightened mouseHTMLnotepad
"Dragonlady288 This Is Me"

I am dragonlady288 I live here in mid USA. I was married but that's another story. I have three wonderful children whom I Love with all my heart. I am new to computers, a project my children got me involved in.They use to love to see me on a computer, they would laugh at me as I knew absolutely zilch. They don't laugh anymore! Now they cry, " Mom's on the computer again, looks like we're not going any where today..."

So here I am today making a web page in notepad. I've tried those other web page makers (You know the ones that are so E-Z) and they are a pain. I can't begin to tell you how many times I got froze up while trying to design my web page. Notepad is relatively simple and a lot easier on the nerves.I did get a little help. I downloaded a colrpick (a wonderful hexadecimal color source) which makes it alot easier to get the code numbers for colors on your page. I also have a link to a page that will make deciding your color scheme a breeze. I have a link to the tutorial I followed and am passing it on to you. You will find the link to the tutorial in the left column of this page. You won't believe how easy it really is! Please do try notepad. I think you'll agree with me, HTML is nothing to be afraid of. It's just four letters of the alphabet that might sound a little scary when joined together. Check out my sources. Have fun with it, I certainly am!

Grab a cup of coffee, Kick your shoes off, Sit back, Relax, and Click on a link in the left column to view a few of my webpages.

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To make this site a little easier to get around updates were made to this page 10/20/01.If you encounter any problems with this site please E-Mail me and let me know. Just click on link below.

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This site has be revamped using the HTML editor Arachnophilia as I decided it was time for a new look.

Arachnophilia is a wonderful html editor and if you have workable knowledge of html it is quite easy to use. It helps to make building a webpage much quicker. It is a great help with tables, images, etc. If you are interested in downloading Arachnophilia you will find it here. It is free and considered Careware.

Arachnophilia Home

All the songs throughout this website were recorded
from CDs purchaced by me and are for evaluation
and/or educational purposes ONLY.
No financial gains are made by this website.
All copyright holders still retain their perspective copyrights.

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